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Policy Holders

Manage Your Policy

Most of you policy updates can be submitted online. Please allow us 24 hours to complete your changes. 
For urgent assistance please contact us (954) 922-9400

request for certificate of ins

Request a Certificate of Insurance

Please have the following available to generate your requested certificate of insurance:

  • Your policy number

  • Your Email address

  • Client's business name and address

  • Description of your business

Request Change in Policy

Please allow us 24-hours to make changes

Please Call Us at (954) 922-9400

Policy change
  • Request policy documents

  • Add an authorized person

  • Change business address

  • Change business name

  • Request a loss run

  • Update certificate holder

  • Submit documents

  • Update a credit card

  • Update billing address

  • Update contact information

  • Update policy limits

  • Add an additional business location

  • Policy status inquiry

  • Adjust your coverage

  • Cancel a policy

Call Us at: (954) 922-9400
File a claim

Need To File A Claim?

Filing a claim can be intimidating but it doesn't have to be. 
We will guide you the whole way.

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